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Welcome to Impact Museums, a portfolio of groundbreaking, immersive experiences built around our universal passions for art, entertainment and important social causes.

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Groundbreaking experiences

Creative Immersive Studio

Our groundbreaking interactive experiences connect with people emotionally through great storytelling around the topics they care about passionately. Our studio creative is built with the audience experience in mind first, creating participation and action above and beyond standard experiential, through licensed and original IP.
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Global Scale & Execution

Investment & Operating Platform

Our proprietary operating platform means we can manage the entire experience from start to finish across every consumer touch point ensuring the best user experience. You can now focus on creative and lean on our teams and platforms to help you scale faster and more efficiently. Our global capabilities include:
Marketing, Content, & CRM

Performance based and scalable suite of marketing services to amplify attendance and sales

Ticketing, Retail & Ecommerce

Implementation of best in class technology to ensure that customer experience is seamless

Sponsorship & Corp Sales

Experienced team of global and local experts with a focus on identifying the best revenue building partnerships

Investment & Financial Management

Capital investments, multi-jurisdiction accounting and cash flow optimization

Touring & Venue Support

Decades of experience within venue procurement and management for live and touring entertainment

Staffing & People Management

Seasoned leaders with a keen eye focused on consistent and large scale team management

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Our Team

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Led by four seasoned entrepreneurs from the world of experiential, media, technology and live touring, our leadership team has demonstrated success scaling businesses, buying and selling companies, overseeing global operations, managing thousands of employees, running venues, touring and delivering breakthrough experiences on $2M-$50M+ production budgets. Our founding team has an impressive track record and professional history including:

Companies Built
Social Impact

Responsible Global & Local Citizens

We work with local and global cause organizations to help engage, amplify, and support their causes. We also aim to be great partners in the cities in which we operate, hiring and partnering locally to put money back into the communities. Whether you experience our museums in person or via shared content on social media, we turn inspiration to action and make it easy for everyone to have an impact, creating a larger global movement that will drive meaningful and lasting change.

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