Immersive King Tut LA - Open Now!

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August 26, 2022

Lighthouse Artspace LA had a huge opening event last night, and boy did we see the city show up. We even had a very special visit from Paula Abdul, who took over the floor and danced like an Egyptian in style - and towering high heels. A night to be remembered, Los Angeles truly came all out to celebrate this private event - featuring tray pass dolmas and craft cocktails. Impact Museums co-founder Mark Shedletsky presented opening remarks, welcoming one and all to experience our newest and most exciting show to date.

We are proud to present Immersive King Tut to LA - working in collaboration with a team of Egyptologists, the premiere animation and creative team Cocolabs from Mexico City, and a slew of advocates to ensure that the preservation of this story is historically accurate in representation but also interpreted with the greatest of care to stop our visitors in their traps. Beautiful visuals, an incredible moving soundtrack, and vibrant colors - all drawing in your family into the worlds oldest and most epic story of King Tut.