Houston Press Reviews Immersive Monet

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June 28, 2022

We are so excited that Houston is already loving Immersive Monet & the Impressionists. Check out this wonderful piece from Houston Press, noting the beautiful treatment that Massimiliano Siccardi (Creative Director) gave to the rockstars of the art world. We love the scene that HP calls out, where the infamous criticism published about the Impressionists that gave them their namesake - its a beautiful boisterous and jazz-strewn scene that really peaks in the middle of our show.

Our favorite snippet?

It certainly impressed a couple of media preview attendees a bit closer to French art and culture than most. “I liked it because it combined traditional Impressionism art with Modernism, and the music really [aided] the immersive experience. Along with the red wine!” laughs Bettina Gardelles, Cultural Attaché for the French Consulate General of Houston.